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There are a pair of houses on my block on my side of the street that still have Christmas lights attached and not only are the lights still on the houses – the lights are turned on at night.  Time and date check – It’s almost February.

Not that I mind.  On otherwise dreary and cold January evenings the lights are a nice change from block after block of usual winter darkness.  I suspect the lights are on timers and automatically turn on although I don’t know that for sure.

Years ago through a particularly nasty winter the lights on my house stayed up until March but that was because they had frozen to the porch and the tree in the front yard.  I stopped turning the lights on sometime during the week after the new year.

While I surely don’t expect a ” Christmas in July” scenario the lit up lights say something about the homeowners although I’m not sure what.  Is there a country or a culture I don’t know about that has a special Yuletide holiday in March?

Do the lights signify a wish for an early spring?  I’ll second that emotion.

I was struck by a really random thought the other day while I was writing a post about Snow Days and let’s face it – since almost everyone can work from home now snow days ain’t what they used to be.  Here’s the random observation:

Last fall was my first full season of blogging and I remember how much I wrote about the changing of the seasons and how much I was going to miss summer.  Summer to fall has wistful feelings and postings by the bushel.  Winter to spring?  Nothing wistful about that change or spring to summer?  Nope.

Nobody, and I generalize here, says gee- I wish we had another month or two of winter with the possible exception of the owners of ski resorts I suppose.  I saw an interview on the local tv news with a snow removal contractor.  Snow was falling and he was smiling. His exact quote was ” This time of year money falls from the skies.”  He would probably vote for a few more weeks of winter since his snowplow is useless April through November.

Make hay while the sun shines.

Here’s a lovely tune somewhat about winter, tulips and love.  There are a couple of versions of this song floating around and a number of thoughts on who Margaret and the Dutchman really might be.

I suggest when you watch and listen to the song that YES, you can skip this ad in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 Skip Ad.  Always skip the ad.

I first heard this tune played by my friend Pete and his friend Doug in a joint called Luckees Elbow Room which was over towards the bad side of town sometime during the late 1970’s.

Funny what makes an impression on you and what stays after all those years.  Pete and Doug and ” The Dutchman” were my introduction to the late and great Steve Goodman.  And to give proper credit the song was written by Michael Smith.

So this is a rambling post that starts here goes over there and ends up in a place that I didn’t really intend when I started poking the keyboard this morning.  I began writing at 5 am and now it’s almost 6 but it’s still dark outside.  Sunrise is nowhere in sight.

Here’s to Christmas lights in February and tulips which may or not be blooming beneath the snow.