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The big snowstorm missed most of us.  But it’s still Winter out there.

Sitting at the kitchen table in a warm morning sun looking directly at the deserted bird feeder.  Where have they gone?  I made sure to keep the feeder full especially during the last few days. Maybe the birds have moved on to another tastier location or perhaps they are hunkered down in the tall pine trees across the street.

How do birds find the feeders?  Do they have a super sense of smell?  Do they send out bird scouts? Is finding a stocked feeder merely luck? Anybody?

The squirrel family that frequently raids the bird feeder is nowhere to be seen.  No anti -squirrel devices at my bird feeder.  Squirrels need to eat too.

The snow day passes and we’re all about getting back to normal.  A snow day is a gift that we only get for a few months out of the year.  It’s a chance to legitimately do nothing except make the rounds every couple of hours with a shovel to keep the sidewalk clear.

That’s it.  That’s the full extent of your responsibilities on a snow day.

It’s cold outside but the sun is warm enough to melt snow from the slate roof.

And in a daring display of springtime optimism I had a contractor visit yesterday to write up an estimate on some very high up outside painting that requires very tall ladders.

If you have snow and ice and you have gutters then you know all about ice dams and water backing up into your attic and moisture settling into the soffits and eaves of your house. And you realize that ” I ain’t goin’ up there anymore” and so you make the call to have someone with good liability insurance climb to scrape and paint.

Enjoy the sun and keep those sidewalks clear.