Mark Twain once said that ” Everyone complains about the weather but no one seems to do anything about it.”

I’m all for science  and weather forecasting and technology but sometimes too much is too much. All the maps, charts, satellite images and local weather watchers      (Download our App – FREE!) just contribute to overloading the system and my brain.

I have an attention span capable of lasting a couple of minutes.  Just tell if it will rain or snow or be sunny tomorrow.  That low pressure system in Ohio which will collide with a warm Bermuda high over New Jersey really doesn’t interest me.

A hundred years ago when you got up in the morning the weather was what it was.  You didn’t get a three day or a seven day forecast anywhere ever.  If it was raining it rained until it stopped.  No one told you how to dress your kids for the bus stop.

I suppose that if you lived near the shore that the condition of the surf was a pretty good indicator of what the weather was going to be.  Red sky at night all that stuff.

I respect weather forecasters and the work that they do.  It’s when it filters down to   ” Complete Team Coverage” on your local station that it looses some of it’s import.

I’m glad that the most recent snow storm spared Philly and New York and I’m especially happy that all of New England could prepare for the worst.

Let’s go to Storm Center Weather Double Dopler Triple Radar Scan and meteorologist Al Sleet: