Yet another one last night.  The performing area was set up in a corner of the coffee shop in front of the Gluten Free food items.  If someone took a picture last night my face would be just to the right of the box of ” Glutino” whatever that is.  There was a shelf dedicated to Mrs. Leepers something or other which is also in the gluten free category.  At first glance I thought it said Mrs. Lepers.

Started strong, played well despite a disagreeable sound system.  Reverb and echo seemed to be the only dials that worked on the sound board.  Neither is high up on my list of the effects I think make my voice and guitar sound presentable.

There was a comedian on the bill last night too.  Seemed like a nice fellow but funny he was not.

Closed with this:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3989jHX3sMQ

I gotta get me a band.