On a flight to the Windy City this morning aboard a major American airline.  Free magazines being long, long gone from the planes and with me not bring any reading material I am forced to check out the in flight shopping mag.

This year is their 25th year of publication which surprises the goodness out of me since I don’t know anyone, anywhere who has ever bought anything from it.  Do you?

I’m not a customer.  But somewhere in the middle, towards the latter two thirds of the magazine I stumbled upon an item so revolutionary that when I say it’s name you will think I am making it up.  Liar, Liar you will say !

But no friends.. This is something so, so, words fail me, something so stupid that you’ll wonder why YOU haven’t ever thought of it and why someone else did.

And why that someone else just bought a house on Easy Street and is living the Life of Riley in Luxury’s Lap and will never have to work a day in his or her life again.

Are you ready?

It’s the world’s first and only ( as far as I can determine ), the world’s first:

Glow in the Dark Toilet Seat!

Yeah, that was my reaction too.  I guess that when your power goes out you can still…