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Sometimes I get too cute for my own good but I’m getting a jump on the resolution rush now before the new year begins.  All the good ones will be gone and I’ll be stuck with ones like making sure the lawn is mowed on a regular basis or flossing regularly or taking out the trash without being reminded.  I’m pretty good about the trash and the recyclables.  Flossing – not so much.

Eat more chocolate.

Goals – Running?  Remain upright and keep moving forward.  No PR’s or records to set.  Definitely run a marathon in the fall, probably Philadelphia again.  It’s fast, it’s flat and and easy train ride from out here in Amish country.

Maybe add a spring marathon too.  That’s a maybe but certainly doable.  In any case training for a fall marathon keeps me focussed and out of trouble from late June through November.

Eat More chocolate.

Learn new guitar chords – mostly those in the Major ninth family.  Also in the music scene play more and more and more and dust off the piano.  Pianos and guitars mix very well together in one’s musical brain.  Piano lessons again ?  That’s a possibility too.

And for anyone who is well into their adult lives I would say that there is no age limit on when you can start taking lessons.  I started piano lessons when I was 50 years old.  My piano teacher was 80.  We made a great pair.  She taught me Bach.  I wanted to learn ” Linus and Lucy.”  She taught me that too.

Piano has a long learning curve but why not?  Anything worth doing well does doesn’t it?

Eat More Chocolate.

More goals? Well, I seem to be stumped here but I do resolve to be a funnier and happier guy, more musical and to eat more chocolate.

The title says, ” Reading, Writing, Running & Rhythm.” I’d say more of the above is a good place to start as we head into 2015.  And more of this: