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Picked up the NY Times this morning at the local coffee shop.  The name of the shop does not contain the word ” Star or Bucks.”   So lest you think I’m some kind of lefty, east coast elitist I only read the Times once a week or so when I’m buying an overpriced cup of coffee.

Headline that caught my eye – ” Middle Class seeing benefits as recession ends.”  Which middle class and which recession because the middle class to which I belong sure seems to be parked in neutral, stuck on steep hill with a burned out clutch and a faulty parking brake.  (Enough metaphors for ya?)

Next headline – ” Cheap gas prices driving down profits for energy companies.”  Oh – Boo Hoo.  And now somehow because gas is cheap and I can fill up my car for less than 3 grand every two weeks the economy will suffer and it will be MY fault that we plunge right back into the recession ( see above) that I’m not so sure has really ended.

If I had a swimming pool I would drain the water and fill it with unleaded 89 octane.

That would be a real nifty savings account and I’d be ready for the next recession.

Unrelated note – The radio in my car has gone south meaning it doesn’t work well anymore.  I get static all over the am and fm dial.  The car is 7 years old.

The dealer says ” Yeah, well, electronics sometimes go bad.”  I say in my best old guy trapped in a world he no longer understands voice ” I’ve been driving for umpty nine years and this has never happened before.”  I feel like Uncle Joe on Petticoat Junction as the words tumble from my brain and out of my mouth.

The  dealer puts the last nail in my coffin by saying ” Welcome to the wonderful, new world of electronics” which must be very comforting to anyone who has a pacemaker tucked in above their left ventricle.