Keen eyed and sharp minded followers of this space may recall that about a month ago I wrote about my run in with a Non- Improv Event.

To recap: I saw a poster advertising Improv for Adults at my local library and on a whim I signed up for the class.  It’s free, it’s one hour – what have I got to lose?

You may recall that the Improv teacher turned out to be a no show and the class was cancelled.

I say – How long do we have to wait?  Is it 5 minutes for a TA, 10 for an Associate Professor and 15 for a full tenured Prof.  Nobody gets my joke.  We leave but as we filter out of the room we all say – See you next month.

And wouldn’t you know it ?   Next month is already here.  I  get an email yesterday confirming the class.  I’m getting psyched.  I’m thinking funny.  I’m acting funny.  Funny is my middle name.  And then – today…

Another email arrives today saying – Hey Bub – Guess what?  The Improv class you thought you were going to tomorrow night is cancelled !  We’ll save you the trip.

I’m now oh for two in the Improv class department.  I’m batting point zero zero zero.  I’m so far below the Mendoza line that I can’t outrun a three legged dog.

Keen eyed and sharp minded will have to wait another month to be funny.