Not the 1940 movie starring Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn.  The 2014 Philadelphia Full and Half Marathon.

Simply put a great weekend.  The weather was terrific and the crowd support was tremendous.  The excitement at the starting line never gets old.  It really doesn’t.  The same old worries about finding the shortest porta john line, wondering whether you have enough or too few toss away shirts and when to toss them.  It’s all the same and it’s all still great.

I did pick up one tip for staying warm at the starting corrals.  There were several portable emergency light units placed in the area.  They were all up and running since it was pretty dark when I arrived at the start.  They throw off a lot of heat although you do end up with the faint odor of eau d’octane.  It’s worth it.

Then around 7 am the sky to east started to brighten and in the words of poet John Donne, ” … dawn will have her rosy fingers prying into our sleep won’t she?”  Yes, she did.  Well, I was an English major or minor or not depending on who you ask.

The sky brightened, the air warmed, Hizzoner the Mayor of Philadelphia and the Governor – Elect of Pennsylvania were on hand to start the race.

Fast forward a couple of hours and I was across the finish line safe and sound.

We were supported by the Philadelphia Eagles Drum Line around mile 1 and hundreds of volunteers all along the course.  A band or two or three along the way and some kind of wild, weird, disco costumed dance party in Fairmount Park. There were some guys dressed in Philadelphia 76er warmups at one of the water stops.  They may have well been the real 76ers.  I don’t know.

Best surprise of the day … I’m trucking along and I pass the Mile 9 marker, do some quick math in my head, put my head down and charge on.  The next marker I see is not 10 miles but 11!  Oh Happy Day!  I hate it when it’s the other way around but yesterday everything worked in my favor.

Signs, signs, everywhere a sign.  Posters aplenty as usual, ” Hurry up – I have tickets to the Eagles game today at 1″ and ” Move it, my arms are getting tired from holding this sign.”

Best in show goes to someone in the South Street area who offered, ” Feeling tired ? Blame Obama.”

I was feeling tired but so what – it was Another Fall in Philadelphia.