Now here’s a thing or two that crossed my mind about running a long distance race in a city like Philadelphia.

The Philadelphia Marathon shuts down miles of streets, puts hundreds of police, and emergency personnel on duty, uses scores of volunteers and has the Streets Department, Department of Sanitation and who knows who else on duty on a cold Sunday morning in November for a couple of hours not to mention all the planning and pre-production that go into staging a big event like this.  It’s a big deal -right?  Even the Mayor hauls himself out of bed for this.  The Governor – elect was there.

Then there are umpteen thousand of us runners, countless hotel rooms booked for the weekend and a fair amount of money spent locally.  It’s a big deal – right?

As I watched the local news recap the marathon I was struck by how little of the marathon actually made the broadcast. I have no hard numbers on how much airtime we got but geez – you’d think we’d get a little more than like 30 seconds of B roll with voiceover.

But no, J-Lo and some kid named Iggy received more screen time rubbing their behinds together.  This is newsworthy?

It seems to me, speaking as a participant and a runner, that ” Channel 59 Action, Eyewitness All Local Coverage You Can Count On News ” should have interviewed all 30,000 of us.  Really.

In hindsight I realize that running the marathon or the half while a deeply personal issue for me amounts to not much in the big picture.  We runners get so focussed in on ourselves and what we are attempting to accomplish that we are surprised when the whole world doesn’t stop and pat us on the back.

I got plenty of great vibes and feedback from the crowds on the course. The guy         ( A Volunteer) who draped the medal around my neck said, ” Congratulations, You deserve this.”  And I think that he really meant it.

After yesterday’s run I still feel like a champ.

Stay tuned.  Tonight at 11, ” How to avoid that Holiday Hangover, Where to find cheap turkey and Why you have to buy a flat screen tv on Thanksgiving.”  Yeesh.

I need to run.