The title is misleading for now but it does pay off so you have to read all the way to the bottom of the page.

When I was in my 30’s and I routinely presented myself at my Doctors’ office with some sort of running related injury he would say something like ” Listen up Bub, your body is 35 years old but your mind thinks you’re only 18 and you are NOT 18 anymore.”

Fast forward through my 40’s and 50′ s and the same scene plays out over and over again.  I just smile and keep on doing what I’ve always been doing.

Now in my 60’s me and my mind are confused.  It’s apparent that my mind no longer thinks we’re 18 years old anymore.  The problem is that it and me ( we)  don’t know how old we think we are anymore.

Safe bet – no longer 18 but 65?  Who are we talking about?  What happened to all those years in between 18 and now?  And what is 65 supposed to feel like? I haven’t a clue ?

Last night as I was driving to the monthly jam session I happened to see a sign at a local roadhouse/bar that announced upcoming local bands.  There was possibly Lefty and Louie, Guns and Alcohol ( OK – I made that one up) and maybe The Nebulous Desperadoes.  I make a lot of stuff up.

Remember Jefferson Airplane and their transition to be hipper and more modern with Jefferson Starship?   The last band on the roadside sign was JEFFERSON WHEELCHAIR.

And that’s what got me and my mind to thinking about how one should act one’s age if one knew how.  If this band can be honest and joke about their ages then they know exactly how old they are and age doesn’t faze them.  They are going to be who they are regardless of their real ages or whatever age their minds think they are.

I once had a conversation with a fellow stagehand who is in his 50’s and insisted on wearing bright green Chuck Taylor Converse sneakers.  He said ” Age Appropriate Footwear” was not a trap that he was going to fall into anytime soon.  Why shouldn’t he wear bright green sneaks?  I had no reason to try to convince him otherwise.

So, go ask Alice. Maybe she knows cause I sure don’t.