News items in the local rag.  Do with them what you will:

Frozen Pretzel Dog Recall – Words fail me.  I am crushed.  No word on unfrozen pretzels or dogs.

Man arrested after convenience store holdup.  So and so stole 20 bucks from a register at the local Go Go Mart.  He was captured on store security cameras and later apprehended by police.

He was positively identified from store video by the tattoos on his face.  So kids, if you’re gonna knock over a Swifty Mart at least have the good sense to wear a mask over the spiderweb tattoo on your neck and your kid’s names on your cheek and forehead. They must be so proud.

Advertisement – I’m not making this up – VAMPIRE FACELIFT !  $200 off – Holiday special.  I don’t know if the object is to make you look like Count Floyd, Bela Lugosi or Count Chocula.  This is a real thing – you can look it up.  I did and I’m opting for spiderweb tattoos on my neck instead.

Still on the half marathon spaghetti  week long binge.  Confidence is getting shakey but optimism remains high for Sunday.  I’m already packed for the weekend.  Is it still only Wednesday?