I’m spending my weekly allotment on foodstuffs and staples at my local and friendly supermarket.  All is good until I push my cart to the checkout lane and get checked out.

The cashier takes my money and hands me my change.  Yes, I still use United States of America paper dollars.

Your supermarket may be like mine in that when I use a loyalty card I get points which I can turn into gasoline discounts.  100 points equals 10 cents off per gallon.  I’m hooked.

This morning as the cashier hands me my change and my receipt she also forks over a couple of coupons which are printed at the same time as my receipt.  I guess the store has a server lurking away somewhere that reads and analyzes my purchases in real time and spits out coupons based on my previous purchases and buying habits.  After all, they do want me to come back.

The coupons are for adult diapers and some kind of tonic to keep me regular if you know what I mean.

Have I somehow tumbled into a category where I need wetness protection? What kind of algorithm are the boys in the back room running?  What have I bought that makes anyone think I need something to stay regular and something in case I…

Being a good sport I just laugh it off.

But it makes me wonder about how we all get cast and typecast into slots and categories.  Am I in a demographic that I don’t want to be in?  Are we all in a categories where we don’t think we belong?

I’m eager to see what the coupons will be on my next shopping trip.  Maybe I’ll buy something that is outside my age group parameters just to see who the computer thinks I am this time.

It’s me against the machine.