I don’t need this.

And by this I mean carpooling with a guy who has the sniffles and is on antibiotics for a cold.  They won’t work, we all know this and I’m wondering what the incubation period is from Saturday in the cough mobile to next Sunday morning when I will be standing on the starting line in Philadelphia.

It’s race week – I’m finely tuned and under trained pretty much like always.

Like an  F 1 car on the starting grid, the horses at the Kentucky Derby except the cars have full tanks and the horses are ready to do what they are supposed to do.  I’m full of nervous energy and but not enough miles.  It’s spaghetti week here at the ranch.

And after my ride in the germ car I end up working with a guy who is sneezing and hacking all over the place and himself.  He says and I quote,” You take a break.  I gotta have a cigarette before I kill somebody.”

Lucky for me I get transferred to another department before he and his bacteria return from his smoke break.  I don’t think there were any homicides on the gig so maybe the nicotine calmed him down.

I spend Saturday and yesterday and today constantly washing my hands giving Lady Macbeth a run in the obsessive compulsive department for clean mitts.  Out damn germs, out.

It’s a good thing there was a two for one special today at my local supermarket on orange juice.  If Shakespeare had given Lady MacBeth an OJ compulsion I would be giving her a run for her money in that department too.

I’ll just have to look up what the sports gurus say about running with a cold.  Aha – here it is… Did you already pay the entry fee?  Yes?  Then you should run.  That was pretty simple.

So now it’s spaghetti and OJ week here.

Finally, note to self – In case of wet weather bring a toss away poncho and a toss away umbrella although I suppose I could always run with an umbrella.