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Finally found mine this morning after about a month of hurried training for the Philadelphia Half.  I had forgotten how good it feels to be able to slip into cruise gear and simply run.

Attacked an old hill today too.  Hillary Hill so named because years ago there was a Hillary Clinton sign at the top.  Then there’s Houck Hill named for the family that lives halfway up and finally SOB Hill.  That’s because of where it sits in relation to the end of one of my loops and being less than a mile from home it’s a real SOB.  Sometimes I win and sometimes I don’t.

I also have my Champs D’Lysee which is really Grandview Boulevard and the long right hand sweeping Olympic corner.  After years of running the neighborhood I’ve taken to assigning names and personalities to the streets and intersections.  Well, why not – It’s my running route isn’t it?

I think that there is a scientific and purely rational reason for getting a Second Wind.  I don’t know or physiology of physics of why it happens but what a welcome surprise and gift it always turns out to be.

Anyone else have names for special places on their runs?