A husband and wife are not talking.  It’s the big I’m not going to be the one who gives in freeze out.  The house could be on fire and neither one of them would utter a peep to the other one.  This is a good one.

Finally, it’s the end of the day and time for bed.  The wife heads to the bedroom first.  She remembers that she has an early meeting the next day.

However, not wanting to be the one who breaks down and talks she leaves a note on her husband’s pillow and it says:” I have an early meeting tomorrow.  Please wake me at 5 am.”

The next morning she wakes up.  It’s 9 am, the sun is up.  She is furious.  The husband is nowhere in sight.  She wants to to throttle him.

She sees the note she left on his pillow last night.  It reads, ” It’s 5 am, wake up.”

Anybody been there?