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Inspired by Arlo Guthrie and ” Alice’s Restaurant” which is a Thanksgiving tradition around here and Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

So, how many of you get calls from telemarketers regarding your electric company and your electric rates?

Here in Pennsylvania we have electric choice which means I can buy my electricity from any number of companies who promise me lower rates than I am currently getting with my long time electric company.

The problem is that many of these outside suppliers are a bit on the shady side with teeny, tiny fine print that many of my fellow citizens didn’t read until they were getting electric bills for $500/month and more last winter.  Yeah.

So, here’s what I propose.  The next time you get a call from someone promising  lower rates just say, ” I don’t have electricity.”

If one of us does they’ll just think that person is weird.  But if two of us do it they’ll think there is something funny going on.  And if three people say it then they might think it’s an organization and if four people do it they’ll think it’s a movement.

And if they think it’s a movement they might stop calling.

This is brilliant:

I leave it in your capable hands.