I’m in my local public library earlier this week and for a reason I can’t explain I amble over the bulletin board and I see a notice and a small poster for this:


And so without thinking this through I sign up for the class.  After all  I have a pretty good sense of humor and I like to laugh.  What could go wrong?

All day I was thinking about what I would say when the instructor would ask me what motivated me to sign up for this class and who did I think I was Mr. Funny Guy?

I was stressing out about improvising and being funny.  Finally, I put a stop to this  nonsense and decided to not think about anything so I would have a clear mind when class began.  You should spend a day thinking about nothing if you can.  It is a refreshing change of pace.

I arrive early.  The room is locked.  Other people begin to arrive.  The room is still locked. We begin to chat amongst ourselves.  The retired woman, the unemployed college graduate and me.

They ask – Do you have a real job?  I say ” I’m self employed so the answer is yes and maybe no.”

Finally the room is unlocked and by now two other people have joined us.  Still no improv teacher.  We chat amongst ourselves a bit more.  I’m not nervous about putting my improvisational skills or lack thereof on display.

Ten minutes pass when a library person tells us that the Improv teacher forgot about the class and is on her way to Chicago.  I begin to think that maybe he is the teacher and this is our opening line.

But no.  Ms. Professor with the faulty memory and lack of organizational skills is indeed on her way to the airport.  I am crushed but not really.

We all decide to sign up for next month’s class on the chance that our teacher will be back from Chicago and that she remembers she has a class to teach.

There might be a lesson or a moral around here somewhere but I don’t know what it might be.  Any ideas?