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Running again as who wouldn’t on a 60 degree November afternoon?

Big TV news last night – This just in – ” A new report finds a link between exercise and a heathy brain.”  Really.  This is news?  Apparently exercise creates more blood flow to the brain and sparks creativity.  I just ran and so now I feel creative.

Voted today as is my civic duty.  My current congressman vowed to stay in office for 5 terms when he was elected 20 years ago.  Each congressional term is two years so he should have retired 10 years ago except he’s still in office an additional 10 years later.

It seems to me that the candidates who are always in favor of saying that there is no free lunch are the ones who are the beneficiaries of the government’s free lunch, generous pensions and free health care.

Saw a stork or maybe an egret or possibly it was heron this afternoon while on the roads.  Whatever it was it was big.

Seventeen days to Philadelphia.  Oh yeah !