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This post is about a love story.  More on that at the bottom of the page.

The end of the PR’s.

It happens to all of us eventually.  After 50 plus years of running, racing, jogging, limping, walking and injuries I suppose that it’s inevitable.

I never thought about not being able to go any faster or farther until my kids started running in junior high and on into high school.  It was somewhere during their high school XC and out door track days that I was no longer to keep up with either of them.

When I realized that I wasn’t going to get any faster I sorta figured out that it didn’t mean that I didn’t have the chance to become a better runner.  Faster is not necessarily always better.

Not getting faster meant that I could stop the chase for speed and concentrate on the real benefits of running and what being a runner really means to me.

A healthy habit, less stress, space to think clearly, time alone and it was during this time that I invented a run category of my own.  I called it ” Going out for a Scenery Run.”

No watch, no music, no direction just lace up and roll out the door to somewhere.  Anywhere – it didn’t matter.  No fancy high tech running duds.  Just an old cotton t shirt, cheap drugstore wraparound sunglasses and off I went.

Like the the good old days when I started running and all I had was an old cotton t shirt, gym shorts and cheap drugstore sunglasses.  The circle is unbroken as everything comes around back to the beginning, back to where we all just started.

We didn’t start to run to be cool, wear spiffy outfits or set records.  Nope, we ran to run. Just like kids at recess.

So that’s where I find myself.  In the land of vanished PR’s where finishing a marathon is the goal and if I shave some time off last year’s run I am a happy guy.  And if I don’t then I’m still a happy guy.

In the end it seems to me that no matter how fast or far I run that running equals happiness.

In all the hoopla surrounding the appearance of The Beatles on the Ed Sullivan 50 years ago I read a post where the writer said regarding The Beatles – You’ve been in love for 50 years only you didn’t know it.  Same with running.  I’ve been in love only I never really knew it.

Running and The Beatles and me – 50 years later.

When I started this post about a half hour ago I thought it might get a little wistful about my running days but what’s happened is this –

I’ve combined the things that keep me sane into one piece.

Reading, Writing, Running and Rhythm.

Gotta lay out my gear – 5K tomorrow morning.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah !