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If you are a fan of John Prine then you sorta know what’s coming.

Upon further review as they say in the NFL I had some thoughts about my post and Old People.

I should have called it ” Older People” since I think using the word old has kind of a negative connotation when it’s applied to people.  I’m guilty of using the word in that way.

So from now on it’s ” Older People.”  And since we’re all in the process of becoming older I think it’s a nicer term to use.

I would like the word older to indicate dignity, wisdom and grace.  How’s that?  It was never my intention to disparage anyone because of their age.

Except younger people.  What’s up with their music?  On their cell phones and spacebook all the time.

John Prine was a good friend of one of my favorites Steve Goodman and I can’t remember who I heard first or who introduced me to their music.  John, Steve and their music provide plenty of material for several other posts.  You can look up Steve somewhere on my back pages here in blog land.

Now that I’ve jumped the track I need to return to why I wrote this post.  Here you go.