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A thread runs through all of the political ” Vote For Me’ ads that are running on television these days.  No one identifies themselves and I mean no one says I’m a Republican or I’m a Democrat.

It used to be that identifying with a political party was a sure fire way to win votes.  Now, the candidates running are running from the parties they are running for.

I heard a commentator say that there isn’t a crisis or tragedy that a candidate won’t glom onto for gain.  Ebola anyone?  Who can we blame for that?  It must be someone’s fault.

In the ” Profiles in NOT Courage” department we have a candidate in Kentucky running for the US Senate who won’t say if she ever voted for Barack Obama or not.  She’s running as a Demoncrat ( heh heh) so I think it’s pretty safe to assume that she did.  I don’t get it.  Either you did or you didn’t.  Fess up.

The lawn signs are out.  I have none this year and my block seems to be pretty apolitical in that sense.  There is not a sign in sight on anyone’s crabgrass.  One time I had two Kerry/Edwards signs swiped from my front yard while the Bush/Cheney sign two doors down never budged an inch.  That probably cost John Kerry the Presidency.

It’s the silly season and I’ll be sure to vote.  Since 1901 we have had four Democrats in Congress and eleven Republican congressman.  Pennsylvania's_16th_Congressional_DistrictMy district has been generously gerrymandered so the map looks like a Rorschach ink blot with jelly smeared all over it.  We go everywhere.  I’m sure the folks in Reading are proud to be in the same district as the fine citizens of West Chester even with the 40 mile gap between the cities.  We’re spread over four counties.

Vote for me and then I’ll tell you what I’m gonna do.