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That’s an old jazz phrase meaning that the rhythm section is really cooking, really laying down a groove, that they are at once very cool and smokin’ hot.

Playing in a band as a member of the rhythm section I gotta say that there is nothing better than being in that pocket.  And you just know.  Smiles start to creep onto faces.

Sometimes I’ll be playing and listening and thinking that the guitar sounds really good and then I look down at my hands and realize that the sound is coming from me.  To have an out of body,out of your mind experience is something that only comes along once in a great while.

Basie makes the piano growl with his left hand and the drummer steals the tune but gives it right back.  This song is also known as  “Till I Met You.”  The Basie charts are wonderful.

Another band that lived in the pocket were these guys.  The ” pocket” cuts across genres and generations.

I rest my case.