It’s back, I’m back, we’re back.  Me and my shoes, low cut socks, shorts, Boston Strong shirt, cheap sunglasses and watch.

Managed 3 and a half miles on a glorious autumn afternoon.  Time ?  Who cares ?

It doesn’t take much to make me happy when it comes to running.  It doesn’t take much running to make me happy.

The notebook now has it’s fifth entry since early August and first back to back notes since I don’t know when.

Running at this time of year always takes me back to running last fall and running the fall before that and the fall before that and on and on.

It’s nice how the thread continues and hangs on even though you’re older and slower and the older and slower I get the less I care about being older and slower.  See – you’ve got something to look forward to as long as you keep running.

Running has that kind of effect on me and I suspect on all of you too.  What great gift.  How lucky we are to be runners.