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Here’s a nod to the Rhythm portion of the title and of one of the things that makes me tick.

Went to a jam session a bit north of here last night – about an hour away but worth the time and distance for the opportunity to share music with some really nice people and wonderful musicians.

The instrument breakdown was about as follows – 6 guitars, 7 fiddles, 1 harmonica, 1 washboard and a mandolin.  That’s a guess as people were showing up late, leaving after a song or two or staying to the very end.

There were good versions of songs I didn’t recognize and and bad versions of songs that I didn’t want to recognize. The songs we played were pretty eclectic and in no particular order were among others:

” You Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere, Ashokan Farewell, What’s Goin’ On?, Memphis, Route 66, Centerfield, 16 Tons, Sarah Smile and Our Day Will Come.”  That’s about all that I can recall.  We played and sang for three hours straight.

Everyone gets a chance to pick a tune and we go around the circle taking leads on instrumental breaks when the time comes.  It’s the way to get better – taking chances when you can and playing with better players when you can too.  It’s playing with out a net but among friends and ” If you play it wrong, play it strong.”

Dylan to Motown to them jazzy chords and fiddle tunes and a couple of stops in between.

My musical genre has finally dawned on me after all these years of playing – I’m a Big Band Beatles Jazz Folkie.  More on that later I suppose.

Below is not from last night but a reasonable facsimile of the gig.  If you’re really interested it’s a 1963 Guild F-30.  The guitar, not me.  I’m the third owner.  Her name is Louise.  She’s not half bad.