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This is a true story.  I say this because I was there and witnessed it with me own two eyes.

I’m driving down Pleasure Road (yes, that’s really the name of the street) on my way to the supermarket minding my own business.  In my rear view mirror I see a woman with a cellphone mounted on the dashboard of her car.  It’s vertical so I know it’s a phone and I think, OK – she’s using it as a gps unit.

Then I see her looking at the phone and talking to it.  I realize she is Facetiming while driving.  This is interesting but not good.

NOT only is she using Facetime, she is communicating with the face on the other end of the line with ASL.  American Sign Language !

Now, when you use ASL your hands are pretty busy.  When you are driving a car your hands are pretty busy too.  So, doing the math – where are your hands if you are using ASL when you are driving?  That’s right – NOT on the steering wheel.

At this point I switch lanes and get out of her way as she motors up Rt. 501 still gesturing at the phone.  I hope it was important.