I’m reading a book and a short passage/phrase in it is sticking with me.  It wants to be fleshed out into something bigger, deeper and more grand.  Here it is reprinted and mangled without permission and it goes something like this:

He met her on a train and as she was standing up to get off at her stop he thought about asking her to dinner but then remembered that she had dropped the boyfriend clue earlier in their conversation.  After wishing each other well with a ” smile that went on far too long for having just met ” she stepped off the train and she was gone forever.

What if she changed her mind and ran quickly back onto the train before it pulled away from the station?  Maybe he got off but lost her in the crowd?  Or if as he was making his way off the train she was getting back on.

I like the feeling of ” far too long.”  This story, as they say, has legs.