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No, not where Doris gets her oats.  It’s where Phil finally realizes the futility of pretending it’s still summer wearing a sweatshirt indoors while having all the windows  in the house wide open.

We have a couple of storm doors that have removable panels for either glass or screens.  Screens for spring and summer and the glass for everything else.  Today the screens made their way to the basement storage and the storm windows took their place on the front lines.

No complaints.  Fall takes hold and I’m waiting for the leaf show to begin in earnest.  It’s the time of year when the air is cool and clear and chilly but if your car has been sitting in the sun when you get in it’s as close to wearing an extra warm fleece as you can get.  Windshields make great heaters for the next few weeks.  So nice that sometimes when I’m done driving and I’m home I tend to linger in the car just to enjoy the warm.

The windows are all closed, almost.  I should have a sign made that says ” Closed for the Season.  See you next year.”

Did you know where I was going with the Doris reference?  Of course you did.