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For almost as long as I can remember I have spent summer evenings on my front porch listening to baseball games on the radio.  The radio makes it’s appearance sometime in May and provides play by play until the evenings get too chilly and dark to sit outside listening to the National Pastime.

Due to my geographic location the only team I can follow on the air is the Philadelphia Phillies.  If you know the game you know that this season has been a long and slow painful slog.  Similar to the fortunes of my first love baseball team – those New York Mets.

I’ve had plants swiped from the porch but the radio seems to hold no value to the thieves.  It holds value for me.

Baseball was made for radio just as it seems football was made for tv.  I can see a ball hit in the gap and I can clearly imagine a close play at the plate.  If you love baseball tell me you can’t see a 4 – 6 -3 double play.  The double play – a pitchers’s best friend.

Baseball’s unique terms, a little nubber in front of the plate, dying quail, frozen rope, Uncle Charlie, cheese in the kitchen, right in his wheelhouse.  How can you not use your imagination?

I’m borrowing this line and it’s true – Baseball is the only game you can see on the radio.

Listening to a radio broadcast may be a passive exercise on face value but “upon further review” as the say in the NFL it’s really not.

Now matter how old I get the sound of the crack of the bat on a tinny little am radio speaker always take me back to when summer lasted forever and ever.

I brought the radio in this afternoon.  The Phillies aren’t going anywhere this year except home.  It’s 7:30 pm and darkness has already taken hold.

Speaking of baseball’s wonderful lexicon – Can anyone tell me what the baseball expression ” Can of Corn ” means?  Extra credit if you ever actually witnessed a real     ” Can of Corn.”

I’ll be over here waiting in on deck circle.  I love this game.