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I’m sitting at the kitchen table this morning eating my bowl of generic Cheerios aka known as Oat-O’s around here.  I look out the window at the dogwood tree that forms much of the view.

The leaves are no longer green.  I see shades of red, orange, maybe purple with a little brown and yellow mixed in.  Then it hits me.  It’s Fall.  Never mind the calendar.

The trees have no qualms about accepting the change of seasons.  It’s time and they just do what they have always done.  Accept things as they are and move on.

What is it about us or maybe just me that wants to squeeze the last little bit of Summer out of Summer?

Fall is a transitional season.  It’s always in motion getting cooler every day.  Same with Spring except in reverse.  Summer lays in for a good long haul and Winter does it’s job of letting nature rest.

The answer to last week’s puzzler was of course Joni Mitchell who wrote ” Urge For Going.”  I first heard it on an album by one Mr. Tom Rush titled ” The Circle Game.”

Tom also covered tunes on that record by some other up and coming songwriters named Jackson Browne and James Taylor.  I wonder how they turned out?

Yeah, I’d like to call back summertime and have her stay for just another month or so.

It will be Fall on Tuesday.  Have a great weekend.

Sometimes it’s best to have No Regrets.