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Leaves on the trees are no longer bright and shiny.  They have taken on a dull hue.  The lawn has stopped thriving and growing.  All I get now are small spiky and ratty looking patches that still need to be mowed.  When I do haul out the mower I push my way through brown leaves and grass.

The tomato plants are long past dead. The sunflowers are being picked over by  squirrels and finches who don’t have the sense to head south while there is still time.

Had one volunteer pumpkin grow out of the compost pile.  It’s done now too.

The sun has lost it’s Sunday punch.  It gets weaker every day.  It’s dark by 8pm anymore.  Nights are getting too cool for the house plants that have lived on the front porch all summer.  Time to bring those babies back to the living room and the kitchen.

Just like squirrels scurrying to stock up for the winter I see runners trying to bank miles in anticipation of their upcoming marathons.  The 18 and 20 mile runs are coming up.

Folded up the awnings, rolled away the porch shades and found an extra blanket because I still sleep with the windows open.  I don’t plan to give up summer without a fight.

Thinking about a road trip to New England where my mind always wanders when September starts to melt away and slides towards October.

I get the urge for goin’ but I never seem to go.

Extra credit – who originally wrote that line and who had a minor hit covering that tune?

Well, it was cult following hit but nonetheless if you are a New Englander it should have been part of your musical upbringing.

And keep your eyes on your own paper.