I swear this is true.  You think I make this stuff up?  I’m not that smart.  Read on…

I went to my local supermarket over the weekend.  I grabbed a shopping cart from the corral in the parking lot where people who are too lazy to return their carts to the store dump them.  I know one of the cart collecting guys and so I always wheel a cart into the store from 100 yards away trying to reverse the trend of abandoning shopping carts in the nether reaches of the lot.  It’s my little contribution for working people everywhere.  It doesn’t seem to make any difference.  I’ve seen people return carts to the corral even though they are parked closer to the store than they are to the corral.

My Mom insisted that we return carts to the store. Her exact words were   “What, are your legs broken?”  Funny what stays with you.  I always return the carts.

The cart I randomly chose and cut from the herd had a yellow sticky note on the handle with the previous shopper’s grocery list.  Written in pencil it read thusly with the following punctuation and capitalization.

Parchment paper, Bay leaves, Triscuit- thin crackers original – plain ( blue on box), fresh oregano.

Was this list for a designated shopper or for the author of the list him or herself?  We’ll never know.  Seems like it was intended for a party of sorts.  That was the extent of the list.  That’s all he or she wrote.

At the very least the shopper could have checked out easily at the 15 items or less aisle. I tend not to use that lane since there is no candy to tempt me for an overpriced impulse purchase.  And no gossip rags to peruse as I fork over my cash.  What are those Kadooshian, Kadulian, Kalashnikoff girls up to this week?

I thought about purchasing the items on the note but decided to load up on peanut butter cups.  You never know when your legs might be broken and you won’t be able to get to the store or return your cart.