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Depending on your age you might be able to figure out where I’m going with this post from the title.  This is a real convergence of the age, space and time continuum.

I have a buddy who I’ve known since we were in our twenties which is a long time ago in calendar years but not such a long time in my brain years.   He is appearing in local production of ” Death of a Salesman.”  I am assuming that you are familiar with the plot and the story of the play so I’ll put away my English teacher hat.

The startling fact is not that he’s acting or that he’s in that particular play.  The kicker is that he’s playing the lead.  He’s Willy Loman.

Here is a friend who is a few years younger than me playing the iconic worn out, down on his luck, washed up old man.  Wait a minute.  How did this happen?

The thing about acting and being an actor is that you can’t play certain roles unless you are about the right age (except for the 30 year olds playing teenagers on Glee).

One of my contemporaries is now the right age to play old men.  That means that I…

There are several versions of this song available.  I chose this one because of the performers age and really, where ya gonna find a better band?

I’m younger than that now – I hope.