The answer to the title reference for the post ” Questions 67 and 68″ is, of course, that great band formerly known as The Chicago Transit Authority and now known simply as  Chicago.

How this band is not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is beyond me.  It’s a travesty, it’s a mockery, it’s…

This band has been around since 1967 which was a very good year. ( Obscure musical reference #1).  How did Kiss, The Sex Pistols and ABBA get into the hall before Chicago?  Even Chubby Checker doesn’t make the cut.  Hall, Schmall.

The hall is a travesty of a mockery…see above.

I’ve worked the band several times.  Sometimes in my job I can’t believe that I get paid to listen to such great music.  And sometimes not but that’s another story.

This song always makes me smile (Obscure reference #2) and transports me to where and when I first heard it.  For the record, New Haven, Connecticut, on a warm spring day in 1971.  That’s the beauty and the power of music.  The ability to freeze time.

At least that’s when I think it was.  That’s pretty close.  It really doesn’t matter anyhow.

Every song has a story, where you were when you first heard it, who you were with and what it meant to you at the time.

Beginning at around 2:30 turn up the volume.  Higher, keep going, more, up to annoy the neighbors loud. Your laptop speakers can’t handle it. This song needs to be played  through a proper set of speakers.

Hall, schmall.