I have a friend who recently lost her 90 something year old Father.  He was a graduate of Harvard and Yale or Yale and Harvard if you will.  I don’t want anyone to get their nose out of joint over who gets top billing.

This fellow was fun to be around.  He didn’t flaunt his obvious intelligence.  He was just so smart and unassuming that I don’t think he knew how smart he really was.  Well, he probably did but didn’t need to constantly remind everyone that he was a genius with a great sense of humor.

As my friend began the process of cleaning up her dad’s house she found that he had a safe tucked way back in a corner of the basement.  The safe required a combination and a key to open it.  She found the combination but the key remains missing.

She checked all the usual places for the key and then the unusual places like maybe it was taped up behind a picture or in the sugar bowl or sewn into a curtain.  Really, there were gold coins sewn into a curtain.

But the key is nowhere to be found.  The next step is to call the local locksmith and have the safe drilled open.  That’s probably what will happen.

But the questions remain.  Where’s the key and what’s in the safe?  What do you think?

Happy Labor Day, especially to those who have to work today.  I gotta go put the flag out on the front porch as it is a Federal holiday.

Bonus points if you can reference the title of this post.  It’s pretty easy if you are of a certain age.  Put your phones away, no googling allowed.