Spent a productive afternoon yesterday perusing the RUNNING blogs.  Always good to pick up a new tip or a hint about running.  Also good to pick up information about the new Troy Bilt 6200 portable generator capable of RUNNING umpteen watts of power.  Or the Westinghouse WH750 E portable generator which also packs a wallop if you need one to power your block or jump start your tank.

How do these items get into the RUNNING blogs?  Because they mention the word RUNNING and somewhere out there on the WordPress server farm this word comes flying across a switch.  The switch sees the word ” RUNNING” and immediately sends the entry to your and my running blog reader.

Apparently context is never figured into the server’s algorithm brain so anytime the words RUNNING appears swoosh ( Heh, I thought that was pretty clever) the entry gets shoved down the RUNNING blog highway towards you and me.

So if I wrote a post about say a song like ” RUNNING on Empty” guess where it might end up?  Or The Doobie Brothers tune” It keeps you RUNNING” or how about RUNNING out of gas?  RUNNING up credit card bills?  RUNNING for Congress. Hit the ground RUNNING.  Running, running running with a capital R.

I wonder where this post will eventually land?

So, in summary, while the servers are smart and fast and always RUNNING ( there’s that word again) they are in the words of my Mother who when she used to get frustrated with me as a child, would say ” You don’t have the common sense you were born with.”  And apparently the VMX 800A dual process, liquid cooled, double overhead cam and fuel injected servers don’t either.

But if your gets generator stops RUNNING because it keeps RUNNING out of gas you can always check the RUNNING blogs for a solution.  The only tag I’ll add for this post is of course the word ” RUNNING.”  Let’s see where it lands.  Keep your eyes and ears open.  This might be fun.

I rest my case after RUNNING this into the ground.