He looked toward the note and then scanned his car quickly looking for any obvious damage.  Just my luck, he thought.  Somebody smacked my car and left a note leaving a name and phone number.  Or left a note without a name and phone number.

As he got closer he took a quick walk around the car didn’t see any obvious damage.

Lifting the wiper he picked up the note.

It read: ” I’m pretty sure this is your car.  I saw you pulling in the lot and getting out of this car as I was waiting for my appointment to begin.  Besides, after we talked about running and I saw the 26.2 sticker on the bumper I knew this was you. I hope you don’t mind.”

He shifted his balance and looked around the parking lot to see if anyone was nearby and watching him.  He read on.

” It seems to me that we have at least two things in common.  We share a doctor and running.  You run and I don’t anymore but I still think that makes for some common ground.”

The last line read: ” Doing this is way out of my comfort zone but I think we had a moment. I hope that you agree.”  Her phone number was the last line of the note.

Leaning against the fender he looked around the lot another time, read the note three times and smiled.  He dialed the number on his cell phone.