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A few days ago I posted a piece called ” The Running Store.”  Upon further review, as they say in the NFL, I think that the title is somewhat misleading and so I need to clear up any confusion.

The Running Store does not really sell running.  But maybe it does.

“I’d like to see some thing a 5K please.”  Or ” I need a couple of 5 milers and a 10 K.”

“Sure the 5k’s are in aisle 3 and the 10k’s are right next to them in aisle 4. I can put you in a nice little country 5 miler next weekend for a song.”

“The ultras – we keep those in the back under lock and key.  They’re not for everyone you know.”

” I think you’ll find this marathon bold and a little arrogant but with a touch of whimsy.  It’s got good crowd support and the finisher’s medal is a beauty.”

” This 10 miler is a nice little charity run.  It features some daunting hills.  It’s got a taste of fall but with an end of summer flavor.”

” If you are looking for a nice tidy distance I recommend this particular half.  It has everything you need in a half.  Hills, long flat straightaways and a nice trail section through the county park.  It’s big, it’s bold, it’s a city run with a small town heart. ”

” Jogging? Right over there.”

Maybe The Running Store does really sell running after all.  Doesn’t it?