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They had a brief conversation in the waiting room at the doctors’ office.  She had just finished her appointment and he was going in for his.  The exchange went like this.

” Hi Doc, all set for me?” he asked.

” One minute” was the Doctor’s reply.

” You should talk to this guy” the Doctor said to her. “He knows all about the joys of running. He’s run a handful of marathons.”

” So have you Doc,” he added.

“I used to run but I’ve retired” she said.

” Injuries?” he asked. ” I hope to be back running in about a month ” to both of them standing at the reception desk.

” I had some work done on my knee and I’m not sure I want to risk more injury” was her reply.

“Good luck, I hope your knee heals quickly” and with that he followed the doctor towards the examination room for his appointment.  He half turned around as he was walking down the corridor and could see that she was still at the desk watching him walk down the hall.

After his appointment he left the office, walked out to the parking lot and saw a piece of paper tucked under the driver’s side windshield wiper.

It was a note.