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The pain pill party that is.  No more reaching for mothers’ little helper to get me through the day or night or afternoon or morning.  Nope.  Goodbye Oxycodone – I hardly knew ye.  It’s an insidious little devil.  You feel great until you don’t and then pretty soon you find yourself staring at the clock.  Has it been 4 hours yet?  Yeah, get the picture?

Then to add insult to your injury your body starts to tolerate the damn pill so the effects are not as substantial and you go back to watching the clock.  I can see where this could lead one down a not so very pleasant path.  Adios amigo.  I am pain and pain pill free now.

Lefty is on the road to recovery thanks to two aggressive PT’s and the fact that this time I am listening to them and actually doing my at home exercises.  They know how much I need and want to get back to running and both PT’s have run marathons.  They, in a word, get it.  Maybe that’s two words.  Anyway.

Apparently when one has surgery and fluid is created at the site one’s body decides to create more fluid and sends it to natch – the surgical location.  That way everybody on the creating more fluid team wins.  Couple that with something called ” Reactive Quad Shutdown” and you’ve got all the ingredients needed for a mighty good time.  When I first heard the term all I could picture was a nuclear reactor shutting down and thinking – Wait – this doesn’t make any sense.  Here’s the deal as I understand it.

When there is trauma or injury to a joint like my knee and swelling occurs the quad takes it upon itself to limit the knee’s range of motion preventing further injury. The quad shuts down.  Maybe you all knew this already but I didn’t.

It sounds far more frightening in theory than in practice since I think I have given my left quad a great big wake up call and as the swelling subsides the quad is starting to resume it’s normal duties.  That is transporting me from point A to B and back.

I went to work for one day last week at the “Stagehands who lift heavy things for a living ” company and by favoring my left knee and apparently non functioning quad I tweaked the right side of my back.  Please, no Monday Morning quarterbacks.  I had    forgotten – Was it lift with your back or lift with your legs?  I remembered in a big hurry.

I screwed up and I know it.  In the world of being self employed there are no paid sick days for free lancers.  I can’t show up and say, Hi – I’m at 80% today. That’s just how my world operates.

In summary, my quad is no longer in sleep or screensaver mode and Lefty feels great.  Projected first run day is September 20th.

The other party that’s over is most likely, probably, almost 90% sure ( Notice this sentence is in complete injured runner denial mode) that any chance I thought I had to run the Philly half in November are pretty much gone since I couldn’t start seriously training until October 1.  Could I do it in 6 weeks coming off an injury?

It also might be too late to book a hotel room that is UNLESS I knew someone who had a room at the Ritz.