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‘ I have a great idea” he said.  ” I think that when you get into bed and get under the covers just before you turn off the light you should always make sure that you have a  smile on your face.”

She looked puzzled.

” I think it sets the tone for your sleep and if you are lucky you’ll wake up smiling.  It might even give you a pleasant dream or two.”

” You know,” she said, ” That’s what I like about you, you’re an optimistic kind of guy, even if I think you are forcing the issue.”

” Why not force the issue in the name of happiness?”  He continued  ” It seems like an easy and simple way to change your life.   Goodness knows we could use more happy people on the planet.  I’m turning the light off.  See I’m smiling.”

” Where do you get this stuff?” she asked.

” It came to me in a dream.”