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Hey folks – A variation on the theme.  I am not making this up.  

File under : Accident waiting to happen.  

I’m tooling down on the road when I notice in my rearview mirror the following:

    A woman driving a Honda Element.  So far so good.

    Cell phone mounted on the dashboard facing her.  People do that all the time for maps, gps, etc…Nothing unusual yet.

    She is Facetiming while driving.  This is starting to get interesting.  She is making eye contact with her phone while we’re both moving.  This is starting to get dangerous.

    She is Facetiming on the phone AND using ASL.  She is signing for a hearing impaired person at the other end of the cellphone.  This is really starting to get dangerous because not only is she not paying attention she doesn’t have her hands on the steering wheel.

    She is clearly not giving much attention to her driving or the car in front of her, namely me, so I change lanes and get way out of the way before I become an unpleasant statistic and have my whole day ruined.

Sometimes too much technology can be a bad thing.