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Yeah, I got it bad and that ain’t good.  My condition is compounded by recovering from knee surgery.  Any runs are weeks away since using the staircase remains a challenge.

On the long flight home last week I took advantage of the in flight entertainment to watch two movies.  Normally I like to sleep or read but I fired up the touch screen in the seat in front of me and dialed up a couple of flicks.

How long can you watch the GPS channel of your flight especially when besides detailing airspeed, groundspeed, compass heading and time to destination the map also indicates certain famous shipwrecks of the North Atlantic.  So off to the movies I went.

First up ” Springsteen and I.”  A documentary about Bruce’s fans made by Bruce’s fans and what he and his music means to them.  I learned a couple of things I never knew about Bruce since I’m only a casual follower.  He seems like a regular Joe and I can personally attest to that.

I’m a stage hand in real life and I’ve worked dozens if not hundreds of show over the years.  I found that you can get a sense of the talent by the demeanor of the roadies.  Bruce’s guys are calm, they don’t get rattled.  They know their jobs and they know how to run a crew.  No hysterics, no drama.  Just get done what needs to be done.  They speak highly of the Boss, their boss.  It filters down from the top.  If the guy at the top is a jerk then it seems that the whole organization has jerk tendencies.  Same goes for Billy Joel and his crew.  Nice guys from top to bottom.  There is no need to mention who the ” Don’t look at me people are.”  It just makes for a long and unpleasant day where no one has any fun.

One night I’m sitting backstage during a Bruce show.  The concert ends and the band shuffles offstage pretty close to where I’m sitting.  Bruce thanks us, which he doesn’t have to do, and then hops into the front seat of a car, rolls down the window and waves to the assembled stagehands and fans who have gathered.  No hiding in the back seat of a limo with dark windows for him.  You gotta like working for a guy like that and I do.

The other movie was …” The Muppets – Most Wanted.”  I’ve always liked them going back to when I watched Sesame Street with the kids.  There were a bunch of cameos by people I did not know except for Tina Fey.  I don’t get out much.

There was a running gag about a French detective who as the movie progressed took longer and longer coffee breaks, longer lunch hours and finally an eight week vacation.  It seemed appropriate as I was on my way back to reality from Paris.

Time to do my exercises.  Maybe I can “Prancercise” my way back to fitness.  Keep running.