I recently spent a week in Paris being as far away removed from reality as a person could get.

 Every day was a new line on the Metro.

 Every day was a yet another place to eat lunch or dinner and to try something completely different.

 Every day was a new amazing monument or historical site.

Every day was seeing scores of people, motorcycles and tourists just like me.

Every day I viewed the Seine from a different angle including a boat trip on the river.

Every day was amazing and filled with insights and discoveries.  Then I came home.

One day at work we went late and I had to grab a meal at a nationally known semi-fast food place.

As I was eating my whatever it was I thought – Gee, last week at this time was I really at the Cafe du Rendez-Vous having dinner at 8pm ? Watching the world of Paris pass by me on the Rue de la it doesn’t matter.  No cares, no worries, not a problem in the world.

And now I have to gobble this dog food in disguise down in under an hour and suddenly I’m back to reality with a bag of chips knowing that I need to get back to Paris sometime soon.  

Evert day around here now is just going to be a little different as I don’t intend to ever give up my Paris hangover.