So look at me cranking out posts about my trip to Paris and observations and my let down at being back home again.  No, really, home is fine.  It sure costs a lot less to live in a house that’s paid for instead of a Paris hotel room.

Got home, settled in, did a couple of chores and took Lefty into the shop for a meniscus repair        ( official diagnosis – Severe medial tear) which is where I am at right propped up in bed with an ice pack on my left knee.  The surgeon’s initials are still on my left thigh in magic marker right where he placed them before I walked to the OR.  Yes, I walked to the OR which I though was strange but it does give you a sense that you are still somewhat in control until they knock you out and then you’re not.

I’m hobbling around but feeling ok and eagerly awaiting my follow up visit with Doc next Friday.   

Probably have a few more Paris posts to get out of my system this week but I’m gonna let news about Lefty lie low until I have an official update.