Well, yeah I did watch tv while I was in Paris but that’s not why I went for sure.  In addition to the French channels I was able to watch shows from Russia, Germany, England, Italy, Dubai and maybe Spain.  I’m not sure about Spain though.  Al-Jazeera ( English and Arabic) and CNN International were on the tube too.  Lots of Wolf Blitzer.  It was Wolf TV.  All Wolf, all the time.

I saw a commercial sponsored by the Azerbijan Tourist Bureau – think  I love New York.  

There is an entity called the Italian Baseball League and the games are televised.  I saw the team sponsored by Lino’s Coffee play some other Italian team in real baseball stadium.  Unfortunately it was ” Come as an Empty seat night.”  Think NY Mets.  The players’ jerseys look like the racing suits worn by NASCAR drivers with ads aplenty.  Also saw bocce on Italian tv.

The Russians featured something that looked like ” Whose line is it Anyway?” and a documentary on WWI re-enactors.  The news channel Russia Today broadcast news stories  slanted to make Russia look better and superior to everyone especially the US.  Go figure.  

Most of the news coverage across the board in all languages was about the Israel – Gaza war and the ebola outbreak.  All in all I think there were about 4 shooting wars in progress somewhere across eurasian continent.  

Dubai tv had a show that seemed to be in perpetual reruns with what I think was their version of the “Tonight Show.” The house band had a bass player, a couple of guys on keys and a drummer with a full kit.  I think there was some kind of jam session going on since the the songs lasted several minutes.

Loads of soccer coverage and lots of basketball and some powerboat racing on the telly.  What I couldn’t quite figure out was how in a Muslim country like Dubai the women on tv were not wearing head scarves or veils.  Even when the male guest was wearing a head scarf and a long white robe.  

There was coverage of the Tour de France of course.  I did see part of it live on Sunday and almost got my face on French tv while the bikes zoomed past.

The big story on French tv was about the disappearance of 50 kilos of cocaine from police headquarters.  I’m couldn’t follow who the suspects were or how it turned out as my time in the capital came to a close.

Oh, Sponge Bob was on too I think.  I don’t recall if it was dubbed.  Law and Order was on a lot and it was dubbed into French.  Can’t escape that show anywhere on the planet I bet.