How indeed?  Just returned from a wonderful week in Paris and since the blogs are full of pictures and descriptions of the glorious sites I’ll let them all speak for themselves.  Paris is beautiful, the food is terrific and the tourist crowds are crushingly huge.

So, here is MY Paris…what I saw, what I felt and what I think I now know about it.

Paris is big, it’s either wide boulevards or narrow streets.  There doesn’t seem to be much in between.  There are legions of black motorcycles and every time I crossed  a street with traffic waiting at the light I felt as though i was stepping in front of the starting line at an automobile and motorcycle race.  The cycles kept on revving their engines and many jump the last few seconds of the red light so they can speed to the next red light just a block away.

Paris is big.  The buildings are huge, the parks are expansive and anything that qualifies as a monument is just friggin’ enormous.  After seeing Versailles both inside and out it’s no wonder that the peasants went crazy and said enough with this king nonsense.  After they bounced the king they ended up with Napolean so pick your poison.

There is no air- conditioning in France or very little which is something I didn’t mind much at all.  Building interiors in America can be like Ice Station Zebra from June through September.  The lack of an artificial environment is relaxing and contributes to an easy attitude towards things.  

There are no window screens anywhere and no flies.  There are no squirrels in parks.  None.

I never waited more than five minutes for a train on the Metro.  They run all the time except when they shut down for the night.

Lots more to say – stay tuned…