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Every time you line up fro a race you never really know how it’s going to turn out.  Especially a marathon.

Let’s face it, most “races” are races only for a select few and the rest of us are there just to compete in the event.  The possibilities are endless from barely finishing to busting a new PR to meeting friends along the way to making new friends on the course.

Despite the possibilities there is one certainty that I carry into all runs, events and races.  When I get to the last mile my rule is this – No passes me without a fight.  I may have an easy going attitude about running and competition but at 4 miles or 5 miles or 12 miles or 25 miles I become an Olympian.  No one gets by without me saying – You wanna pass me – Not so fast – This is a race now.

In the same manner when I pass someone in the closing moments of a race it’s with determination and attitude.  I put the hammer down.  The best way to pass someone is to bury them before they know that you’ve come and gone.

I might be Mr. Nice Guy for the first 4 miles but heading towards mile 5 I’m Steve Prefontaine, Jim Ryun, Meb, Boston Billy and  Frank Shorter all in one.

In running the possibilities are endless and ain’t that great?