Three words you don’t often see in the same sentence.  Those three words are good news for runners.

The cooler air from up north is pleasant and makes running a real joy.  Somehow the sun didn’t get the memo because at high noon it was still directly overhead beating down.  The combination of the air temp and the sun’s rays reminds me of running in San Francisco where the ocean breezes cool the air despite the sun.

All in all, a glorious day for running.  Makes me think about how the hot summer miles pay off in November smiles.  Seriously, how much do cooler temperatures help in your times and mileage?  There must be a formula somewhere that figures out how every 10 degree drop increases stamina and speed.  But only if you put in the sweaty, sun baked miles now and for the next 8 weeks.

By the time XC season rolls around in earnest and the temps and leaves start to fall is when you can cash in on all the money and miles you put in the bank.  That’s when you can withdraw the accrued interest and still have enough mileage to live on.