I was traveling by air over the weekend and my plans called for a stop and a plane change in Philadelphia.  My flight was late getting into Philly and so as a result the chance of making the connection was not good.

In past I would have been upset and probably sprinted all the way from whatever terminal I was at to whatever terminal I had to get to.  And several of my fellow passengers who needed to make the connection did that.  They ran, I walked.

I got to the connecting gate well after the sprinters only to find that the connecting flight had not yet even arrived.

My attitude these days and maybe it’s connected with age in a good way but my attitude is this: The connecting flight- Will I make it?  Either I will or I won’t.  Done. Period.

I’m through stressing about things I can’t control.  How about a big hurray for me?  The only question I still have is why did it take me so long to get smart?  My Dad used to say that youth was wasted on the young.  From where I sit right now I have to agree.